Business Case studies | Trinay Technology Software solutions

Over the last years, Trinay Technology has worked across various platforms, technologies and domains and has developed expertise in provide cost effective solutions by using intelligent combination of technical and intellectual resources. Listed below are some of our works across various verticals:


The Advertisement platform has following difficulties in advertisement field. Ad rates are overpriced. Ads are difficult to buy, Lack of single ad format, Inefficient processes. At the same time most advertising models rely on linear networks and/or within the context of the video market a custom media player that controls the experience on a site by site basis and lacks the flexibility to take advantage of the growing distribution model taking place within the online video and gaming space


Trinay Technology Solutions (TTS) developed a System which will be an exchange that would match sellers to buyers of video an d casual game-based advertising. The publishers and their distribution strategy can create their own self-controlled network .The System will provide the ability to quickly and easily sort through thousands of pieces of content in order to make appropriate buying decisions. It will be a standard based system that will communicate via web services. The System will provide an analytics engine that will use historic and content data to identify potential matches between campaigns and videos/games to both Advertisers and Producers. The EF System will provide numerous reporting options that will enable users to measure and quantify success. 




 The Ticket Network Direct (TND) business model is the leading streamlined sell-and-purchase model in the secondary ticket market with benefits for both the buyers and sellers. They need an application to extend their business and marketing their exchange.

Trinay Technology Solutions (TTS) developed a Site for TND business model to marketing their exchange, without having to worry about the logistics of transaction capability or customer service support. The new brand-customized, private-label website will be simultaneously linked to TND current website as well as the Ticket Network exchange. This way, the customers will be able to purchase tickets while simultaneously creating a seamless and cohesive branded experience. The customized web-Templates connect the Ticket network database directly with web service.



 Health care domain products extend their business in online. They required a site to advertising their products and explain about their products Online.

Trinay Technology Solutions (TTS) developed an eCommerce application to sell Healthcare products. According to the category, users can easily search their products and able to buy Online. In the website admin will be able to manage multiple websites. In the websites the admin can manage stores and the tabs, menus, background colors, logo etc for each website. Wildcard searching is available for products by using the products name and the category.



Online Ticket portal plan to extend their business and include discount options to the customers. They suggest to the online reservation system and required to generate various reports according to the events.

Trinay Technology Solutions (TTS) is a leading online ticketing portal for events. It has an online ticket checkout module which is integrated into the PayPal merchant services using the PayPal API. Sellers have a portal to login and upload the tickets. Reserved seating events functionality was developed. White label solution was developed. Discount Model implemented, admin can customize the email templates. Payment gateway PayPal and used for online purchasing.



Online video uploading for describing about newly introduced electronic products. Initially uses for storing video s and for playing videos. But it cost high. So they decided to store videos in cloud files. They need a new environment for upl oad and show videos at low cost.
Trinay Technology Solutions (TTS) created admin side component for Managing Videos, Managing Comments and Managing Categories. Managing Videos – used to see uploaded videos. Admin can edit video information, delete a video, publish and unpublished a video to site. Managing Categories - used specify the video is for which event. Admin can create, edit and delete a category. Most recent, most popular videos are listed according to the categories.